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  • How far in advance can I place an order?
    The sooner the better I say, but I'd strongly suggest at least 1 month before your event. The order process will include a sketch with deisgn elements, which can take a fews days if changes are made. It may also include a phone consultation, price/quote amendments and normal daily life still occurs for the customer and baker so its always better to request a quote or order when you have made the decision to have sweets. For simple orders that may not involve detail design elements at least 3 weeks before your even is suggested. At times we may even be able to accommodate requests within 2 weeks but send us an email and we will let you know.
  • What is your design process?
    1. I ask clients to fill out the site order form. 2. Provide some photos with ideas of your theme and decorations. (These are used to help give inspiraiton to create something unique for your event and may include: cake/treat pictures*, decorations, themes or any other image that inspired your event. *Too QT Cakes prefers not to replicate sweets but use photos as a starting point for our too cute designs. So if you have a photo of a cake that you like, keep in mind that your cake with us wont look exactly like the photo.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    We are a pick up only Brooklyn based business. Depending on availavility, the type event such as a wedding and location, delivery may be possible at additional cost to the client. This would be discussed during the consultation.
  • Why dont you offer a pricing list?
    As we provide a custom product, pricing depends on the size, flavor choices, and design of each project. There isn't a pricing list possible that would cover every design so pricing is discussed with each individual client. As no two cakes/treas are exaclty the same so are the prices. For our simple treats we do display a minimum cost. Keep in mind this is based on simple design such as simply iced cupcakes or simple chocolate covered treats.
  • Can you ship cakes/treats outside of Brooklyn?
    Currently we do not ship our cakes or treats. Why not subscribe so you can be the 1st to know if this changes.
  • Are all your flavors listed?
    No, the flavors listed are our top requested, however if you have a particular flavor please send us an email and we will let you know if that is something we can accommodate.
  • Do you offer gluten free/nut free treats?
    Sorry, unfortunately we do not offer gluten free/nut free or vegan sweets at this time. There are a lot of considerations you must make for people with nut allergies, gluten allegies, or vegan lifestyles, including but not limited to the appliances and tools you use to bake. So as of now no, but I always believe in never saying never. So check back in case this changes. Why not subscribe so you'd be the first to know if this changes.
  • Do you offer cake tastings?
    I don't offer cake tastings for all events, however, for an additonal fee I can offer a cake tasting box for weddings.
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